… a form of government, where the people watch the ruler, entirely amongst their reign.


The premier will showcase me as a real augmented movie star, explaining the history of this idea, how I and others are connected to it, and how it became my domain.

I can't wait to tell you about my adventures, living being abused, time, cover ups, the moon tunnels, weather machines, what the universal gravitational force is, who was buried at Petra, women's reproductive cycles, girls who can now have a baby after menopause, girls who can grow up without having periods and are still capable of giving birth, infertility, cloning, human clones, genetics, gene editing, genetically engineered children, corruption, genetically engineered apes, 24,23,22 chromosome talking apes, why I need $13 dollars to forward, and thought reading, controlling, communicating neurologic nanotechnology devices, in every species, that cure pain and with it, homosexuality, love, memory, and even emotion. 

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